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5 Reasons Your Plastic Parts Should be Two-Shot Molded

The more complex a plastic component is, the more complex the molding process can become. This can affect time to market, costs, and repeatability. Here, you’ll learn 5 different ways your components and overall product success can benefit from two-shot molding.

What is two-shot molding?

Two-shot molding is an effective and proficient way to mold plastic parts with multiple colors, materials or components with complex designs, in one mold and one machine. Two-shot molding can help you achieve market differentiation while increasing functionality of your application.

Two Shot Injection Molding Process

5 Reasons Your Plastic Parts Should be Two-Shot Molded:

1. Reduced Time and Labor

Traditional overmolding and secondary operations increase production time and manual labor. Products with multiple materials are traditionally produced with multiple molds and multiple machines. One component of the product is molded in one machine, cooled and then over-molded in a second machine. This process results in two separate cycle times, added manual labor, and multiple quality and validation checks. Two-shot molding eliminates these secondary operations reducing time-to-market and overall labor involved.

2. Cost Benefits

Overall costs are reduced due to savings in production (manual labor and simplifying processes), handling, assembly and inventory. A major part to cost reductions is a result from eliminating the secondary operations, which lowers the manual labor associated with maintaining and running additional machines, factory space, and time. Purchasing and shipping 1 part number rather than multiples also reduces costs.

3. Controlled Repeatability and Consistency

Manufacturing exact replicas with every injection shot in any machine relies on scientifically controlled processes. Since both components are manufactured in one mold and one machine, each step of two-shot molding is precisely controlled and monitored. With traditional multi-component over-molding, quality and repeatability is not as easily controlled or scientifically tracked, resulting in minor changes and imperfections in each piece manufactured. Two-shot molding ensures high repeatability and quality with each finished piece manufactured.

4. Compatibility/ Material Options

Manufacturers with two-shot molding capabilities have top market experience and knowledge in selecting proper materials for compatibility. Proper material selection ensures safety and quality with component adhesion. Using multiple colors and materials are also favorable, especially when chosen as marketing tactics for consumer products. Know which resins are most compatible, click here. Also, two-shot molding (in mold assembly) may be used for assembling movable parts. The use of two non-adhesion materials in a specifically designed mold, allows parts to be molded together, but not bonding together and acting as an assembly. Such examples of this would be small universal joints and automotive dashboard louvers.

5. New Design Possibilities

Take a look at different design possibilities that two-shot molding can provide your product with.

- Multi-color, multi-material, and multi-component

- Enhance End-User Performance:

- Non-Slip Grips

- Reduced Vibration

- Improved Noise Dampening

- Water Shield and Protection

- Moveable Components or Segments

- Secondary Materials for Drop Protection

Interested in designing your plastic component for two-shot molding? Contact our engineering team today!

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