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PMM makes a proprietary line of plastic bearings in-house. With full control over the process, we can maintain strict measures for quality, even when customizing the material, size, or design. We don’t have to endure long lead times, getting your products out faster. Our optimized high-volume production processes save time and money.

Why plastic?

Plastic bearings hold several key advantages. They are easy to customize, and more cost-effective than their metal counterparts. They are often self-lubricating and have lower friction co-efficients, making them low-cost and low maintenance. Light weight parts are advantageous in applications such as the aerospace or automotive industries. Being non-magnetic, plastic bearings are perfect for medical devices and industrial settings. As a natural insulator, plastic is great for applications where electrical conductivity is a concern. Plastic bearings resist corrosion and won’t degrade under harsh environmental conditions.

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