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Plastic Injection Molding Tooling

PMM can accommodate any type of tool build specifications. The designer, customer, and PMM are always in communication to design tools that are reliable and efficient. Once built, the tools are sampled, and parts are sent to the customer and engineering teams for evaluation. Once complete, the tools are approved, and shipped out quickly so they can go straight into production upon arrival.

Tool Transfer Program

Customers can seamlessly relocate their molds to any PMM facility. If you have an existing mold but need to move it for any reason, we will manage the transfer logistics. Upon receipt, we will initiate a comprehensive qualification process, so the mold aligns with our production standards and quality requirements. This guarantees the integrity and precision of your products.

With the mold at our manufacturing facility, we minimize downtime and disruption for customers, getting their products back onto the market promptly.

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