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In 1968, our journey began with Danis Manufacturing Company, Inc. [DAMCO Inc.] and Plastic Molding Manufacturing Inc. [PMM], serving Massachusetts' emerging high-tech industries. Our CEO and founder, George E. Danis, an American citizen from Greek descent, wanted to make a footprint in the plastics industry.


Plastic Molding Manufacturing Inc. provided contract manufacturing for plastic injection molding and PC board assembly. Since our establishment, we have worked to provide America with plastic molding manufacturing solutions.

In 2010, PMM acquired Res-Tech Corporation, established in 1976, we became a major plastic molding manufacturer in Massachusetts. Res-Tech Corporation changed to "Res-Tech Plastic Molding."

In March 2013, PMM acquired Tech Atlantic Inc., another plastic injection molder. This acquisition provided another location for us to offer more manufacturing in the United States.

On January 1st, 2014, PMM acquired Northeast Mold, an injection molder specializing in two-shot molding. After this acquisition we consolidated Tech Atlantic with Northeast Mold into our Berlin, Connecticut facility.

PMM's fourth acquisition of True Precision Plastics occurred in November 2014. True Precision Plastics is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is our third manufacturing facility.

PMM's next acquisition of Aucilla Plastics made our first footprint in the Midwest for our manufacturing facilities. The facility is located in South Bend, Indiana and is our fourth facility. 

PMM's latest acquisition of Phillips-Moldex Company was in November 2019. Phillips-Moldex is located in Putnam, Connecticut. After our acquisition, we consolidated Phillips-Moldex with our Hudson facility.

After growing our company to be a nation-wide business, we have changed our name to PMM-America's Technology Molder. 

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