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Two-Shot Molding Added to ISO Class 8 Cleanroom


HUDSON, MA − June 2015- Plastic Molding Manufacturing continues to provide innovative, plastic molding services by adding two-shot injection molding capabilities to their ISO Class 8 Certified Cleanroom. This month, Plastic Molding Manufacturing completed the installment of a 110 ton two-component molding machine. The Arburg two-shot, located in their Hudson Massachusetts facility, provides advanced plastic molding possibilities for medical and healthcare market applications requiring an ISO Class 8 Cleanroom environment.


Two-Shot molding provides extensive design opportunities for single cycle, two component molding. Added value benefits include reduced molding times and reduced labor without the need for insert overmolding or secondary operations. Product design options include multi-color components for grips and buttons or multiple materials, which offers alternatives in product functionality.


Products like enteral feeding devices, drug filtrations, and insulin delivery devices containing multiple materials/components gain market advantages from two-shot presses. The complexity of these product designs are simplified in the two-shot molding process allowing product integrity improvements, which ultimately benefits the end user. The machine was purchased to provide a stronger production process for medical applications with ISO cleanroom requirements.


Plastic Molding Manufacturing’s 5,000 square foot Cleanroom is also equipped with standard horizontal clamp presses, as well as a vertical rotary shuttle table for insert overmolding. The Cleanroom is regulated by clean air flow patterns, continuous positive air pressure and controlled temperature and humidity, which prevents the concentration of airborne particles and contaminates.

ISO Class 8 Cleanroom
ISO Class 8 Cleanroom

Growth of Two-Shot Molding

Plastic Molding Manufacturing has multiple years of multi-shot experience in their Connecticut facility (formerly Northeast Mold & Plastics). Four two-shot machines currently operate in their Connecticut Facility. Two-Shot presses include family mold and 2 part number capabilities saving on costs and production. Plastic Molding Manufacturing’s expertise in two-shot molding and cleanroom capabilities supports their Cleanroom two-shot molding competencies.    



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