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Local Services, Corporate Stability.

Facilitating Unification:

Recent Changes from Reinstating Original Company Name


Increased Engineering Capacity

Unifying our facilities under one name delivers years of experience from our engineers specialized in specific markets. Our ability to fulfill every requirement to enhance our customer’s products to their fullest potential is our priority. 


Disaster Recovery Program

There are many factors that apply to the process of every product developed and produced in our facilities. With three facilities across America our customers are put to ease knowing their molds can run at another facility next day. We are prepared with the proper technology, experience and programs for all your transferred molds in any one of our facilities to ensure we meet every customers’ project specifications.


Centralized Purchasing

Our ability to negotiate better raw materials and pricing, exceeding our customers’ project expectations is shown through our 47 combined years of manufacturing in the plastic industry. With services across America we provide superior access to raw material for each facility. Each location is connected to provide our customers with the best services offering cost efficient and innovative products. 


Centralized Accounting & Human Resources

No matter where our customer’s projects are being produced our centralized accounting provides ease during processing.  Overhead costs have been reduced because of this. 

RECAP: What We Have Been Up To

The Insider Look at Our Growth


Growth & Strategic Planning:

2010       - Acquired ResTech Corporation

2011       - Facility Upgrade: Consolidation of Massachusetts

                - Facility with ResTech Corporation

                         Rebranded to ResTech Plastic Molding (Hudson, MA Facility)

2012       - Cleanroom added to Hudson, MA Facility

2013       - Micro-Molding (10 Years Experience)
                - Rotary Vertical Molding Machine for Insert Molding in Cleanroom

2013       - Acquired TechAltantic and Northeast Mold & Plastics in Connecticut

2014       - Consolidated Connecticut Operations into Northeast Mold & Plastics (Berlin, CT Facility)

                - Two-Shot Molding (12 years experience)
                - Design Engineering (Proteus Program) 

                - Increased Small Part Capacity (50 ton)

                - Tripled Large Part Capacity (300-500 ton)

2014       - Acquired True Precision Plastics in Lancaster, PA

2015       - Consolidation of facilities under one name– Plastic Molding Manufacturing

                - Centralized Purchasing

                - Consolidation of Engineering

                - Unification of Quality Systems

                - IQMS Integration across all Facilities

                - CT Facility: adding IQMS Real-time Support
                - MA Facility: adding Two-Shot machine to Cleanroom

                - PA Facility: upgrading equipment, adding automation and conversion to IQMS


What to Expect From Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Long Term Goals and Investments



                - Equipment Upgrades in Each Facility

                - Automation:

                       - 2 New Robots for MA Facility
                       - Vision Systems for Inspection of Molding Process
                       - 2 Manufacturing Cells for Assembly
                - Additional Auxiliaries:

                        - Additional Pickers
                       - Color Blending
                       - Closed Loop Grinding
                       - Dryers

                 - Implementing additional Mobile Automated Trainers

                 - Improved Inventory Management through Bar Coding

2015 - 2018

                 - Acquisition of additional facilities geographically positioned to support customers

                 - Add additional core competencies (In Mold Decorating, In Mold Assembly)

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