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What Manufacturers Need to Know About the Economy
Nov. 2015


The Drop:

Plastics Today’s Clare Goldsberry takes a look at the decrease in America’s manufacturing economy “While that's only a drop of 0.9%, it's enough to support the trend that we've been seeing for several months.” Read more here.


Nelson Schwartz also talks about the economic downfall in Dollar’s Surge Against Other Currencies Weighs Down United States’ Economy, from The New York Times. “Other experts are even more pessimistic about the economy’s growth rate in July, August and September, with Macroeconomic Advisers cutting its estimate to 1.4 percent on Friday, down from 2.4 percent at the start of the week.”


The Debate:

Neil Irwin from The New York Times debates whether these drops and changes in the economy will really create issues. Read Is the Economy Really in Trouble? A Debate, for Irwin’s full debate.


Why 12% is that Big of a Deal:

“The health and future of manufacturing in the United States matters. For starters, it constitutes 12 percent of the U.S. economy. To put that in perspective, when the United States recently lost less than 4 percent of its gross domestic product, or national income, the result was labeled the ‘Great Recession’. Twelve percent of the economy matters a lot.” Read more in Center for Americans Progress Report.


The Medical Industry is expected to grow 12% through 2018. 8.4% directly related to medical polymers annual growth through 2020, which estimates about $9.69 billion. Help Keep Medical Manufacturing in the states!


Source: PlasticsToday


China’s Economy Effects:


China Aims for 6.5% Economic Growth Over Next 5 Years, Xi Says

Read full story in The New York Times.



Have you read China’s Global Ambitions, With Loans and Strings Attached? Clifford Krauss and Keith Bradsher explain in New York Times article about China’s global economic stance. 



History of Economy:

Take a look at the past 13 years of the

United States economic changes.

Manufacturing Sectors
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